Ryan’s NFL Picks (2019): Divisional Round

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If it weren’t for the worst 13 win team of all time, the New Orleans Saints, I would’ve aced my wild card picks. Also, is it wild card or wildcard? There’s not a decisive, accurate definition or description online? Let me know in the comments.

Last Week’s Record: 3-1
Overall Record: 167-89 (Postseason-: 3-1)
LOCK Record: 14-4

Ryan’s NFL Picks (2019): Divisional Round

Minnesota Vikings @ San Fransisco 49ers: San Francisco 49ers

The Vikings surprised me last week. If you had asked me a week ago, which team was better, the New Orleans Saints or the Green Bay Packers, I would’ve answered the Saints without hesitation. But after no-showing against the Packers, they were able to march into New Orleans in the Super Dome and come away with a win.

I don’t see that being the case in San Francisco, where the 49ers have won three of their last four and look strong as ever. I still don’t trust Jimmy Garoppolo and company in the long run, but I think they get the job done on Saturday afternoon.

Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens: Baltimore Ravens (LOCK OF THE WEEK)

I like the Tennessee Titans, and I think they’re really dangerous. If Derrick Henry gets going, and Ryan Tannehill is sharp, this team can hang with just about anybody. However, the Ravens are the NFL’s hottest team, and after a couple weeks of rest, I think they blow the Titans out of the water.

Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City Chiefs

I have this horrible gut feeling that the Kansas City Chiefs are actually the best team in the NFL. They dealt with some inconvenient injuries this season, namely to quarterback Patrick Mahomes, but had no problem delivering a L to Lamar Jackson‘s Ravens early on. I like the Texans too, but they barely made it past a Texans team that didn’t beat anybody of note. In Arrowhead? Forget about it.

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers: Seattle Seahawks

Call this a gut feeling. One of the better rivalries of the 2010’s is reborn in the new decade with Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson facing off in the post-season once again. I’m taking Seattle because I don’t buy the Packers at all. Who did they beat this year? Kansas City without Patrick Mahomes? The NFC East? The Oakland Raiders?

The Hawks march into one of the most iconic stadiums in Pro Football and come away with a win, setting up the rubber match against their fiercest rivals, the 49ers. BYOPass Interference.

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