Ryan’s NFL Picks (2019): Week Twelve

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I told you guys I was gonna get back on the horse, and last week, I did just that. Ironically, I started out 0-2, with Cleveland upsetting Pittsburgh (in more ways than one), and then the Atlanta Falcons spanked the Carolina Panthers. But I sailed through the rest of the week, and we’re onto week 12.

Last Week’s Record: 12-2
Overall Record: 104-52
LOCK Record: 7-4

Ryan’s NFL Picks (2019): Week Twelve

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans: Houston Texans

This is a tough game to predict. The Indianapolis Colts absolutely took it to the Jacksonville Jaguars, while the Houston Texans were humiliated by Baltimore. Deshaun Watson might be banged up, and the Texans certainly didn’t look like a playoff team on Sunday. I don’t know, it could go either way. I’m leaning Houston because the game is in Houston, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills: Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills match up really, really well against this Broncos team. Their defense isn’t doing a whole lot of anything, so Josh Allen should be able to have another strong performance, and Buffalo’s defense should be more than good enough to suppress Denver’s offense. Bills stampede.

New York Giants @ Chicago Bears: Chicago Bears

With Mitch Trubisky “injured” last week and Chase Daniel taking over, they might finally have some stability at the quarterback position in Chicago. Meanwhile the Giants just aren’t any good. Even Saquon Barkley looks like half the player he used to be. I wouldn’t bet money on the Football Giants this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals: Pittsburgh Steelers

I was tempted to pick the Bengals here, but I didn’t want Mason Rudolph to call me a “bush league” or accuse me of being a bully. So I guess the Bengals stay winless but the rest of America knows who the real losers are.

Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns: Cleveland Browns

Man, for Cleveland’s sake, I hope they win this one. They won’t have Myles Garrett or either of their starting safeties by the look of things, but… these are the Dolphins. They made Josh Allen look good. You move, Baker Mayfield.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are actually picking up some momentum late, so I’m gonna ride with the hot hand, especially at home and against a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Expect another big game from Matt Ryan and company.

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints

Carolina’s quarterback problems are ultimately going to accomplish two things. Firstly, the team is going to miss the playoffs. Secondly, it’s going to hinder the incredible season Christian McCaffrey was having. Both are a shame. After the Falcons caught the Saints sleeping, they’re not taking any prisoners. At home, they crush the Panthers.

Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles: Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are winning the NFC, so they’ll need to prove they can handle the best of the rest, starting with Carson Wentz and company on a trip east to Philly. Russell Wilson‘s strong game gives weight to his MVP candidacy.

Detroit Lions @ Washington Redskins: Detroit Lions

I don’t know who wins this game, but I know who loses, that being anyone who tunes in or buys tickets to this debacle. Yikes.

Oakland Raiders @ New York Jets: Oakland Raiders

I’m gonna be at this game, courtesy of my lady-friend, and I’m pumped. However, don’t let records fool you, Gang Green is more competitive than they appear, and the Raiders had to fight off a winless Bengals team last week. I’m just saying, don’t be surprised if the Jets give the Raiders a real fight.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans: Tennessee Titans

I keep telling people, the Tennessee Titans are sneaky. The Jaguars have fallen apart as a team, but the Titans are fresh off an upset of the Kansas City Chiefs. They have an identity on both sides of the ball, and that makes them dangerous.

Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots: New England Patriots

This is an iffy pick. I think the Cowboys are the better team, I think they’re more talented, and I have some serious questions about Tom Brady‘s ability to do “Tom Brady things” at the level that we’re used to. However… it’s in New England, and the Cowboys haven’t proven that they’re a lot better than anyone to date. They can barely hold off bad teams, I can’t pick them to knock off New England.

Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers: Green Bay Packers

I’m a 49er hater. Next.

Baltimore Ravens @ Los Angeles Rams: Baltimore Ravens (LOCK OF THE WEEK)

The Rams are far, far removed from what they were last season, and the Ravens might just be the hottest team in football right now. For me? It’s too easy. Ravens win big, capped by Marcus Peters getting a revenge pick six.


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