Oakland Raiders Observations: Week Four

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Like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day, the Raiders have finally won a game during the second Jon Gruden era. It was stressful, messy, and at points, really, really frustrating. But somehow, someway, the Raiders came up with a win in Oakland, adding to the win column, how did they do it?

Beats me, let’s break it down.

Oakland Raiders Observations: Week Four

Burnt the Baker

The biggest key to Oakland’s victory was forcing turnovers. All in all, after Baker Mayfield had two interceptions, was stripped by Jonathan Hankins, and the Raiders recovered a botched snap, the defense forced four turnovers. If it hadn’t been for these turnovers, the Raiders most certainly would’ve lost the game.

Gareon Conley had an awesome pick six to give the Raiders the early lead, and Reggie Nelson, yes, that Reggie Nelson, had a pick to save the hail mary at the end of regulation, and Jonathan Hankins was all over the line of scrimmage this game. The Raiders may not have a great defense yet, (lookin’ at you, Nelson), but there are some great young pieces to build on.

Dr. Derek and Mr. Carr

This game was a tale of two Derek Carr’s. At one point, Derek Carr hideously underthrew Martavis Bryant on an interception to Damarious Randall, and it looked like the game was over. The Browns had a six point lead, and three plays, a touchdown, and a two-point conversion later, that lead had doubled.

Carr ended up throwing for 437 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions, one of which wasn’t his fault, one of which definitely was. At points, he looked unstoppable, hitting Jared Cook and Amari Cooper in stride, in others, his passes sailed to absolutely nobody.

He did enough to help the Raiders win this week, but he definitely gave his critics something to chew on until the Los Angeles Chargers come to town. Currently, he’s on pace for 5,492 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 28 interceptions. Let’s hope the first numbers keep going up and that third one takes a few weeks off.

Feed. The. Beast.

Look what happens when Marshawn Lynch gets 20 carries. He averages 6.5 yards per attempt, and that’s without the touchdown run that the officials robbed away from him. Learn from this week, Raiders. If you give Marshawn Lynch the ball, good things happen.

It’s funny that the only time Marshawn Lynch didn’t score a touchdown this year, the Raiders won. It was easily the best game of his Raiders tenure. The Los Angeles Chargers are coming to town next week and their defense hasn’t been able to stop anybody. Make sure the beast stays well fed.

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