The Buffalo Bills Have Selected Josh Allen

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The Buffalo Bills traded their 12th overall pick, along with both of their second round picks, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so they could move up to number seven overall, where they finally got their quarterback.

The Buffalo Bills Have Selected Josh Allen

Mere hours after Josh Allen became a social pariah for some tweets that didn’t age well, the Buffalo Bills traded up to make him their franchise quarterback. The Buffalo Bills have been trying, and failing to find their franchise quarterback since Jim Kelly retired years ago. It wasn’t JP Losman, it wasn’t Trent Edwards, it wasn’t Ryan Fitzpatrick, it wasn’t E.J. Manuel, and it certainly wasn’t Tyord Taylor, but now they’re hoping it’ll be Josh Allen.

It’s easy to see why the Bills chose Allen. On paper, he’s the perfect quarterback prospect. He’s got great size, a cannon for an arm, and is surprisingly athletic. It’s really surprising that they passed on Rosen, but they must really believe in Allen.

Hopefully Allen’s off the field issues are behind him, and the Bills didn’t just make a terrifying mistake. The Bills did sign A.J. McCarron this off-season, so there’s no rush to start Allen if he’s not ready, but with as much as they’ve invested into him, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he saw the field sooner rather than later.

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