Baker Mayfield Selected by Cleveland Browns

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The wait is finally over. The Cleveland Browns pulled the trigger on the first overall pick, and selected Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma. Everyone knew they were going quarterback, it was just a question of who it would be. And, of course, now we know.

Baker Mayfield Selected by Cleveland Browns

The answer is finally here, and it seems the Browns made the right choice with this one. Baker Mayfield is electric, a flat-out playmaker, accurate as hell, and can do it all over the field, on and off. Personally, this writer’s heart said Mayfield all along, but never truly believed it would happen. Sam Darnold was the pick that many a mock-drafter held in their brains. Turns out that those mocks just weren’t meant to be.

Let’s talk about Mayfield’s fit for a second. He is the accurate quarterback that the Browns have been looking for for about two decades now. There is something to be said for a franchise taking a “risky” pick at number one overall, especially at the position of quarterback. However, the Browns have full trust in new general manager John Dorsey. As far as scheme goes, the Browns will not have to change too much from incumbent starter Tyrod Taylor. While Mayfield is not the athlete that Taylor is, he certainly has the same physical attributes, as well as tendencies in his game.

Mayfield does not turn the ball over (a la Sam Darnold), is built thicker than Josh Rosen, and is nowhere near as raw as Wyoming’s Josh Allen. The Browns, although they made a risky pick, may finally have the white knight they’ve been looking for.

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