Sports Stack Round Table Super Bowl Picks

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Here at, we don’t have champions. If we did, Ryan Smith, our undisputed MVP and king of the world, would hold all the gold. Fortunately, we don’t, because we’re a team! However, the NFL does have champions, and we at the Stack got together and made our picks for the Super Bowl. Enjoy!

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Sports Stack Round Table Super Bowl Picks

Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL):

Winner: The New England Patriots

When I look at the two teams, I’m conflicted. The Eagles are definitely a more talented team, and on a good day, they can beat just about anyone. But on the other hand, how do you pick against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl? He’s the greatest of all time, especially in this situation. Nobody else has won five Super Bowls, and he’s here gunning for his sixth. But let’s take a closer look.

The Philadelphia Eagles are a dominant defensive team. Much has been made about the incredible performance from Nick Foles in Carson Wentz’ absence, but the defense is what brought the Eagles here. During the regular season, the birds only gave up 306.5 yards and 18.4 points per game this season, picking off 19 passes and forcing/recovering 11 fumbles. In the playoffs, it was no different. Philadelphia held the explosive Atlanta Falcons under 300 yards, and then they made the Minnesota Vikings look like trash. The Eagles just beat Minnesota down in the NFC Championship game, silencing all of their haters.

New England’s AFC Championship opponents were the perfect preparation. Because as great as Philly’s defense is? Jacksonville’s was better. The Eagles defense was great, but nobody was better than Jacksonville in 2017, and they actually matched up well against the Patriots. Their athletic linebackers were able to contain the underneath routes that Brady loves so much, and Jalen Ramsey isn’t afraid of anyone. If the Jags couldn’t stop New England without Gronk, how are the Eagles supposed to stop them with him?

Jacksonville had 55 sacks this year, and they struggled to slow Brady (and his injured hand) down. The Eagles only had 38 sacks this year, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. They averaged more pressures per game this season, and sometimes, a pressure can be just as dangerous as a sack. But in order to beat the Patriots, you need to be able to hit Brady (I wrote an article about it), and if the Sacksonville Jaguars couldn’t do it, I don’t know that the Eagles can.

I will say this. I didn’t think the Philadelphia Eagles had a shot against the Atlanta Falcons. I also picked against them versus the Minnesota Vikings. I didn’t think the Eagles would get this far without Carson Wentz, and yet they have. Maybe, by picking the Patriots, I’m dooming them.

Score: 24-14

Martin McConnell (@MartMcConnell24):

Winner: The New England Patriots

I think this game might be a lot closer than people are making it out to be. Nick Foles and Jay Ajayi tore apart the stout Vikings defense just a short two weeks ago. Earlier this season, this New England defense was hurting big time. To me, that doesn’t seem like a combination that could turn out well for any NFL team. But, as they always do, the Patriots found a way.

For as close as this game might be, I fully expect yet another Lombardi Trophy to end up in Foxborough. Though the defense was rough at the outset of the season, it’s made some sizable improvements since then. Even if their defense fails them, Bill Belichick is still Bill Belichick. Tom Brady is still Tom Brady. In Super Bowl LII, Boston will celebrate yet another title, the Brady Bunch will collect its sixth championship ring, and the New England Patriots will defeat the Philadelphia Eagles, 28-24.

Score: 28-24

Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle):

Winner: The Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl 52 is here! It’s the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots. A franchise searching for it’s first Super Bowl title against a coach and QB combo looking for their 6th. So, who wins? Well, it seems that everyone is picking the Pats, and on paper, it appears that New England is better across the board….which might make it a surprise that I (and probably the only one at the Stack) am picking the Philadelphia Eagles.

Yup. You read that right. It goes against any and every grain that you can imagine, but I think the Eagles find a way. The Eagles are playing a backup quarterback who just went off for 352 yards and 3 TD’s against the Vikings defense. The Eagles defense has carried them this season, and although not as good as a D like Jacksonville for example, can still make plays and get the job done. The Eagles are also a motivated football team, after hearing everyone ride on the Patriots train for two weeks, after hearing people around the country say they were done when Nick Foles went out, and about how they were the weakest #1 seed in NFC history.

But perhaps the biggest thing is that the Eagles go into this game with absolutely nothing to lose. They’re up against a dynasty in New England with a tradition of winning big games and who are fully expected to win on Sunday as well. The Patriots have the most pressure, both in terms of people expecting them to win this game, and because of the supposed tension in the locker room as highlighted by the story released by ESPN a couple of weeks ago. Philadelphia can go out there and play loose and also know that most of the country will be pulling for the Eagles to win and take down the Brady and Belicheck dynasty.

So, it sounds crazy, but I think the Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 52 on Sunday, 27-24. Fly Eagles Fly!

Score: 27-24

Ryan Seiple (@Ryan_Seiple):

Winner: The Philadelphia Eagles

This year’s Super Bowl is a rematch thirteen years in the making. Both of these teams have changed since then. This Eagles team is different from any team the Patriots have faced this postseason. The Eagles have an opportunistic defense with a strong defensive line that can get to Brady with ease, not unlike the Jaguars who have the Patriots fits in the conference championship.

One thing the Eagles have that the Jaguars didn’t was an offense that can score with relative ease. The Eagles have possibly the best backup quarterback in the league with Nick Foles, two bruising power backs with Jay Ajayi and Legarette Blount, a receiving back in Corey Clement, and the receiving corps is very underrated. Something that has been undervalued this season has been the positive developmental leap of Nelson Agholor. Not to mention they also have a tight end that could be a game changer in Zach Ertz.

The Patriots needed a late fourth quarter drive to win the AFC Championship. This Eagles team has the defense to keep the Patriots offense at bay and the offense to break the game wide open. Eagles 31-20

Score: 31-20

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