The Oakland Raiders Have Fired Ken Norton Jr.

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After a hideous reign as the defensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders, the nightmare is finally over. Late Tuesday afternoon, the team announced that they had decided to part ways with defensive coordinator, Ken Norton Jr. This is a move that the Raider Nation had been begging for going back to last season, and one that can only help the young team.

The Oakland Raiders Have Fired Ken Norton Jr.

During his reign as Oakland’s defensive coordinator, Ken Norton Jr. was a problem. He was very energetic and enthusiastic, but seemed to lack the simplest understanding of defensive scheme. The Raiders haven’t been able to pressure the quarterback, stop the run, or create turnovers, and this year, it was worse than ever. The Raiders have yet to intercept a single pass, despite playing against the likes of Jay Cutler and Trevor Siemian.

Reportedly, John Pagano will take over as the team’s defensive coordinator, a move the Raider Nation has been begging for since the hire last summer. Perhaps Pagano is capable of creating a pass rush and putting defenders in the right position to make plays. This shouldn’t be hard this week, as Oakland faces off against the Denver Broncos and inexperienced quarterback, Paxton Lynch.

Interestingly enough, the Raiders weren’t the only team in the AFC West to make a coordinator change this week, as the Broncos also fired their offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy. Oakland’s new defensive coordinator will be facing off against Oakland’s old offensive coordinator, Bill Musgrave. After a humiliating loss to the New England Patriots last week, this could be a turning point in a Raiders season that isn’t quite over yet.

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