How to Beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Three Easy Steps

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When the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots opened the season against the Kansas City Chiefs, everyone was wondering the same thing. Why the Chiefs? After all, the Patriots played their opponent from the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons, why not make the rematch the first game? Why do we have to watch the Patriots beat up on the Chiefs? Well, much to everyone’s surprise, the Chiefs beat the Patriots into the ground. After a 5-0 start, Kansas City has lost four of their last five, and its because the secret is out. Here’s how to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in three easy steps.

How to Beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Three Easy Steps

Stop Kareem Hunt

The Kansas City Chiefs have won six games this year. In those six games, Kareem Hunt was responsible for 843 total yards and six touchdowns. In the losses? Only 365 yards, and he hasn’t scored at all since week three. It’s true they’ve lost more than they’ve won, but even when you average the results, it’s not pretty. Hunt averages 141 yards and a touchdown in a win, and only 73 total yards in a loss. And remember, that’s not just rushing yards. He averages 73 total yards when the Chiefs lose. If you want to beat Kansas City? Take Kareem Hunt out of the game and force Alex Smith to beat you. Which brings up the next step.

Make Alex Smith Beat You

Alex Smith is a very good quarterback, but that’s it. He’ll rarely lose you the game, and he doesn’t turn the ball over very often. However, he’s also not going to be the biggest reason that you win most of the time. When Alex Smith throws the ball fewer than 30 times, his Chiefs are 24-4. When he throws the ball more than 30 times? They’re 23-19. That’s still a winning record, but just barely. Compared to what their record is when he’s hardly involved in the offense? It’s night and day.

The first two steps go hand-in-hand. If you take the run game away and force Alex Smith to beat you, you’ll be in a good position. Alex Smith has only thrown for 300 yards nine times in his career. For perspective? Derek Carr was drafted in 2014 and he’s already had 14 300 yard games, Alex Smith was drafted in 2005. If you make Alex Smith beat you? More often than not, he will fail.

Attack Everyone but Marcus Peters

Marcus Peters is one of the better young corners in the National Football League. He’s not impossible to beat, but if you throw at him enough, eventually he will pick you off. The solution? Throw literally anywhere else. Eric Berry went down in the first game this season, and the secondary has been the team’s biggest weakness ever since. Peters might be able to handle most receivers, but the other defensive backs are completely incompetent.

The Chiefs give up 254 passing yards per game, and they’ve given up 16 passing touchdowns in ten games. If you want to beat Kansas City, spread out the defense and attack every corner not wearing the number 22. The Chiefs are hardly unbeatable if you follow these steps.

The Chiefs are falling apart, and they’re lucky the AFC West isn’t competitive or they’d be in trouble. But for the remaining teams on their schedule, if you want to come away with a win, here’s how you do it.

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