Survivor Series 2017 Predictions

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Survivor Series, WWE’s second oldest pay per view is this Sunday, and it’s a doozy. On paper, it looks like arguably the best Survivor Series card in history. Many fans have joked that this is the first time in a long time where the main roster’s show might be better than the NXT TakeOver taking place the night before. Here are the official Sports Stack predictions for Survivor Series 2017.

Survivor Series 2017 Predictions

Enzo Amore (C) vs. Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Championship

This is easily the worst match on the card. Enzo Amore, who isn’t a great worker, is defending his hideous purple title against Kalisto, who can’t save a good promo to save his life. Either Enzo retains, and we’re subject to more nonsense on Raw, or Kalisto retains and the dwindling interest in 205 Live! gets snuffed out. This title and champion mean so little that Pete Dunne, who isn’t even really signed full-time, got a win over Enzo on Raw. Enzo Amore takes this one.

Winner- Enzo Amore

The Bar (C) vs. The Usos (C)

While the opener doesn’t look like it’s going to be good, this match does. This match is going to be awesome. These two are the best tag teams in WWE, bar none, pun intended. This match could go either way, but the Usos have been too good, too consistently to lose this one. The Bar can bounce back, they don’t even really have competition on Raw, but the Usos need a big win. The Usos will be the ones scoring the pin, but it’s the fans that will really win here.

Winner- The Usos

Charlotte (C) vs. Alexa Bliss (C)

Charlotte finally won the SmackDown Women’s Championship last week, and it a heartwarming moment, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair made a surprise appearance. Charlotte is ace of WWE’s Women’s division, no doubt about it, and there’s no logical reason for Bliss to win this one. They should let Alexa get her moves in, but barring unexpected interference, Charlotte will earn the win in her first match as the Blue Brand’s Women’s Champion.

Winner- Charlotte

The Shield vs. The New Day

Personally, this is the match I’m the most excited for. This has been a bit of a six-man dream match. The Shield nostalgia is still running strong, and you could say that these two have been the most entertaining factions in the WWE since the turn of the decade. I’m really looking forward to watching this WWE2k18 dream match come to life. However, you’ve gotta know this bout ends with someone, probably Xavier Woods, eating a Triple Powerbomb.

Winner- The Shield

The Miz (C) vs. Baron Corbin (C)

Baron Corbin desperately, desperately needs this win. He beat AJ Styles for the United States Championship, but now it seems like that only happened so Styles could beat Jinder Mahal. He just barely slipped by Sin Cara. He’s supposed to be the secondary champion on SmackDown Live and he can’t even get past Sin Cara?

The WWE refuses to push The Miz into the main event for some reason, and I honestly think it’s because he’s over. He’s so over that even if he loses, the fans still view him the same way. So they’ll let Corbin get this win, and he’ll probably hit the End of Days on the entire Miztourage to boot.

Winner- Baron Corbin

Team Raw (Men) vs. Team SmackDown Live (Men)

In order to figure out who wins this match, you have to look at who is on each team. The Blue Brand is starring Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Bobby Roode. They’re facing off against Raw’s team of Triple H, Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Finn Balor. If there were no shenanigans, this mach would be incredible. However, there are almost definitely going to be shenanigans.

The likes of Jason Jordan, Stephanie McMahon, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens are lurking around the corner of this match. It won’t be a clean finish, but it should be one fun match.

Winner- Team Raw

Bonus- Fantasy Booking

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are just a little bitter right now. They’re not exactly President and Vice President (or Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, because they’re Canadian) of the Shane McMahon fan club. They could come in and cause some real problems for team blue.

Jason Jordan is due for that heel turn to justify this entire stupid angle, pun completely intended, and he could absolutely come in and cost his “dad” the match. If Angle starts to look like the sole survivor, just look out for that terrible music to hit.

This one is the least likely, but one I like very much. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were big parts of NXT. So was Tye Dillenger, and in kayfabe, they’ve all been mistreated by Shane McMahon and SmackDown Live. What if they came out together and helped Triple H. After all, Triple H is the father of NXT. I considered including Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode in this, but it simply doesn’t make any sense booking-wise.

Team Raw (Women) vs. Team SmackDown Live (Women)

WWE has a problem. They frequently create “mystery tag partner” situations, knowing it’ll create buzz and interest, and they consistently disappoint. If you don’t reveal who the mystery partner is, fans are always going to let their creative minds run wild. SmackDown’s Women’s team has a mystery fifth spot? It’s gotta be Paige! Maybe they’re calling up Ember Moon! Perhaps it’s Tyler Breeze in drag again!

Instead, it’ll likely be Nikki Bella. And that’ll get a decent reaction from the crowd, but it would’ve gone so much better had they just been honest. Don’t create mystery if you know you’re going to disappoint. Some people think this match is on after the men’s match because it’s going to be a big moment, but sadly, that’s because they like to create a buffer between matches they care about.

Raw’s Women’s team has to win, because I have faith that they’re not going to completely blow the Asuka push. Asuka has never lost, and that can’t change a month into her time on the main roster, even in a multi-women tag match.

Winner- Team Raw

Brock Lesnar (C) vs. AJ Styles (C)

As heartbreaking as it is, Brock Lesnar isn’t going to lose to anyone that isn’t named Roman Reigns. The main event against Triple H wasn’t enough of a coronation, and neither was the main event against the Undertaker. Even John Cena raising his hand wasn’t enough to solidify Roman’s place as the king of the castle, so they’re going to feed him the one guy they don’t let anyone beat.

My only hope is that someone re-watched Lesnar’s 2013 SummerSlam match against CM Punk, because that’s the only way this match can be great. I have a hard time believing they’re seriously going to have Lesnar squash Styles, but an even harder time thinking he has a snowball’s chance.

Winner- Brock Lesnar

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